Online casino applications for computers and phones

Today, you don’t need to leave your home to gamble thanks to online casino sites. It would seem, what could be easier? But the companies have gone even further – now they allow players to get to their sites with just two clicks or one tap on the touch screen. This is done through applications for computers and mobile devices.

What are online casino apps for?

Players download casino applications to solve three main tasks: speeding up access to site functions, saving traffic, and bypassing government blocks.

Acceleration of work with the site

Thanks to special online casino programs, users get quick access to slots and video broadcasts of gambling games with a live dealer (Live casino). The increased speed of online casinos in applications is ensured by the fact that individual components are not downloaded from the Internet, as is the case with the sites of playgrounds. Most of the content in specialized programs is already embedded in the files of the corresponding program. These are mainly design elements and sound effects. Slots and games, of course, are downloaded from the Internet – from the servers of game providers like NetEnt, Belatra, Microgaming, etc. Money transactions and actions in the personal account are carried out on the servers of the online casinos themselves.

Saving traffic

Due to the fact that many of the components of an online casino are already in the application files, the load on the user’s Internet connection is reduced. This is especially true for owners of mobile gadgets. If you have a non-unlimited tariff plan, and every megabyte is on your account, feel free to download the casino to your phone or tablet.

Bypass locks

In Russia and many other countries, online casinos are prohibited at the legislative level. This entails blocking the web resources of gambling clubs. On the territory of the Russian Federation, objectionable sites are blocked by a state body called Roskomnadzor. To bypass the blocking, many players use various methods:

* anonymizers like VPN and proxy;

* Internet browsers with various special functions;

* browser extensions. However, all of the above tools are unnecessary if you are using an online casino app. Most often, companies implement a built-in proxy function in their proprietary programs. Bypassing state blocking is achieved by replacing information about the user’s real location.

Online Casino for PC

Casino software for computers is released most often for Windows operating systems. MacOS and Linux follow in descending order of popularity. Applications are delivered as an installation package with an .exe extension.

Applications for mobile devices

For tablets and smartphones, casinos develop branded programs mainly for Android and iOS platforms. More often you will find sites with an application for Android, since this operating system is more popular (especially in Russia). Branded casino programs for smartphones and tablets not only speed up access to sites, save traffic and make it possible to bypass government blocks, but also provide mobility. You can play gambling with them anywhere and anytime.

Where to download online casino apps?

Branded casino programs are downloaded from the sites of the Internet sites themselves or from thematic web resources. The safest way to download installation packages is from online casino sites. But, if the thematic web resource is familiar to you or has a good reputation, then there is no problem in downloading the installation file from there.


Branded online casino applications speed up access to gambling platforms, save traffic and make it possible to play even in gambling clubs blocked by the state. They can be installed on a computer or mobile device, depending on the offer of a particular casino. You can download the gaming club application from the official website of the company or one of the thematic sites.